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Leanne Jonson – Rider Bio

I am 52, I live in The beautiful Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia. I have a 25 year old daughter and a 23 year old son. I recently sold a business, that I was part owner of for 13 years, and needed a long earned break.I have loved riding motorbikes since I was 17, when it was my only means of transport for 4 years until I got my car licence.

I traded my bike in on a car and regretted it every day after. Then I met my husband, and we had a family, so my priorities changed. Now my children are independent, and I am on my own, then the call from my past came, so I brought a road bike 5 years ago.

My friend Jane also bought a motor bike, we headed out most weekends riding and loved it. We rode to Yackandanda one weekend and met up with a lot of fellow bikers, that’s were we came across the BMW adventure tourer bike owners, who told us how great they were. Not long after that I bought my F650GS. Jane and I had planned to have 6 months off to travel, part of that 6 months we were going to ride around Australia, Jane got her BMW and we saw the Compass / Off Road Skills training and outback ride advertised.

We signed up and did the training last August 2013.
Neither of us had done off road riding and we thought we might need those skills to tackle the Australian Outback. We had an awesome time and met some great people, and most importantly, learnt to ride off road!!  We got talking to Mick McDonald and Simon Pavey about the ride we had just done and the famous ‘Road of Bones’ ride. We were fairly pumped after what turned out to be the best week ever on bikes, then on the way home we decided – ‘Life’s to short’ and we are not getting any younger, “Let’s Do It!!” So we emailed Mick and Veronica, and joined the ‘Road of Bones Tour 2014!’

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2014 London to Magadan Expedition about to get underway

Gentleman (and ladies). Start your Engines

Its been a long time in the planning, the shipping containers have arrived into the UK with all our bikes, support vehicle and an amazing amount of equipment , all visas have been successfully obtained; all that is left for us is to complete the world renown Off Road Skills course held at Simon Pavey’s place in Wales then ride to the other side of the world!!
13 riders and 1 co- rider are joining us on this years 105 day Road of Bones expedition these riders represent , Australia, USA, Canada & Zimbabwe. We welcome Brian Berry, Walt & Pam Maurer,  Andrew Finn,  Tim Park, Leanne Jonson, Jane Arnold, John McLeod, Geoff Clowes, Ray Butterworth, Eric Stieglitz, Bayne Morison, Robert Echard and Scott Cleary with Mick McDonald as ride leader (his 3rd) and ex Hollywood stuntman Justin Sain as support vehicle driver.
This year’s Road of Bones Expedition promises to be made all that more special as we are having it filmed by award winning documentary film maker Robin Newell of Thought Films.  A DVD of this EPIC journey will be available next year and who knows you may see us on TV!!
A new route through Europe and into Georgia has been planned as has additional excursions into privately owned lands around Lake Baikal and a Gulag tour near Magadan to add to what was also one of the most amazing wild rides on earth, it is a ride that defies superlatives and we are all super excited.
We invite all readers to “Follow” us for the next three & a half months as we ride from London to Magadan.
Most of all we love readers feedback it means a lot to the riders!


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