London To Magadan – The Road Of Bones Expedition 2016 – Gallery

Wow, what an spectacular journey our 2016 Road Of Bones Expedition participants have been on over the past 4 months!

Sitting here in the Compass Expeditions Office in Melbourne (With one quick trip to Kazakhstan to deliver some trailer parts) following the progress of the crew as they made their way across amazing landscapes and through exotic countries I had only read about, I felt connected to these intrepid souls.

Ian (Ted) Rogers (Aka KTM Biker) blog content and all of the images we were seeing on Facebook were our window to their adventure and we are very grateful for the opportunity to vicariously join them in the highs and lows of their epic adventure.

Cheers Ted, we appreciate your effort and commitment to producing your blog constantly and to such a high standard throughout the trip, that could not have always been easy under the circumstances.

Our guys on the ground, Ride Leader Andrew and Support Driver, Danny have done an incredible job keeping the show on the road, looking after logistics, dealing with injuries and breakdowns, navigation and the hundred other daily dramas that came their way.

Danny’s crew reports never hinted at the real stress that these two had to endure and we thank them for their tireless service and dedication.

We also thank each and every one of the 2016 Road of Bones participants!

We congratulate you on an achievement that I am sure will live with you forever. The sights, sounds, people and places that you have experienced must surely fill your dreams and fuel your passion for life and living it to it’s fullest.

We also congratulate and commiserate with our riders who could not complete the entire journey due to accident or illness.  Your achievement is in no way reduced by the unfortunate circumstances that had you part ways with your fellows prematurely.

And so to the point of this post.

To pay homage to the riders and crew of the Compass Expeditions 2016 Road Of Bones Expedition I wanted to share a selection of images that I felt (from my office chair) captured the spirit of the adventure.


If you would like to start planning your own Road Of Bones Adventure we are quickly filling places in our 2018 departure

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