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I've been thinking this for a while and I gotta tell ya', Peru is amazing! A huge diverse country, from the Amazon jungle to the desert dune scattered coast, to the world famous surfing towns, and on to the high altitude Andean mountain passes. If you’ve ever wanted to explore Peru, especially on an adventure bike, do it now, sign up now, the country is outstandingly awesome. Justin Sain – Tour Crew – South America 360 Degrees Expedition 2017

Visit Peru With Compass Expeditions
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is still available on our award winning Patagonia Explorer tour departing in November (2017).
You still have your choice of either the amazingly powerful and Comfortable BMW R1200 GS or if you are on the shorter side a very capable and lowered BMW F700 GS for this most stunning of tours.
Check out the website and contact us now!
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A Tip For New Players
Driving the Compass Expeditions support rig for a recent group ride I came across this Tenere pilot new to adventure riding.
He had taken the advice of some of the more experienced riders and let down his tyre pressure for the rough tracks we were enjoying.
Unfortunately, he had taken it a little too far and there was a real danger of a pinch flat or rim damage in the terrain that we were riding.
No Problem! From my pocket I drew the very handy MotoPressor Digital Gauge and from the back seat of the support truck came the extremely compact and multipurpose MotoPressor Jump Pump from Rocky Creek Designs.
Minutes later we had our new convert back on the trail and rocking his tricked up Tenere.
For more on the fantastic range of Adventure accessories from Rocky Creek Designs, visit their website.
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  1. Congratulations on completing your adventure ride.
    Now the after-shock: you’ve done it.
    BTW, we have some photos to send. Where ought we direct these?
    And, how’d the whistle blowing go?
    From the Kiwis in Kars (Turkey)

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